Game Day Appetizers - Chipotle Garlic Parmesan Wings

Chipotle Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

I’m a huge fan of chicken wings. I’ve made these garlic parmesan chicken wings before but this time I’m adding a special ingredient…chipotle! I’m a huge fan of chipotle. It’s quite literally my favorite flavor! These chicken wings are guiltlessly FRIED. And they are most definitely classified as a cheat day eat! I went all […]

Sweet Potato Tots

I’m always trying to find ways to “healthify” my favorite snack foods. Liked the butternut squash fries I made? Well you have to check out these sweet potato tots! These sweet Potato Tots are simple, delicious, and kinda good for you! They’re lighter than regular tater tots, and they are SO delicious! You can make them […]

The Babbling Brooke Cooks: Holiday Brownie Recipe

The Babbling Brooke Cooks: Holiday Brownie Recipe Brownie Recipe Baby… We all love a good brownie recipe. I love a good brownie recipe but I also want one that’s a little lower on the calories but still high on that delicious chocolate taste. These holiday brownies use Zing baking blend which is a stevia leaf extract […]

Mini Sweet Potato Chip Nachos

Sweet Potato Chip Nachos If you know me, then you know that my all time favorite snack/bar/appetizer food is indeed…nachos. I mean, I had a nacho cake for my birthday… BUT, you also know that I’m pretty healthy and dedicate a lot of time to working out, so I can’t really eat nachos as much […]

BBQ Chicken Pizza: Creative Leftovers

Creative Leftovers: BBQ Chicken Pizza I love pizza. Even though I’m very healthy and fit most of the time,  I like to have cheat days so I don’t start losing my mind! This BBQ Chicken Pizza is one of the best cheat day decisions I’ve ever made, especially since I cooked it from scratch. I […]

Chipotle Lobster Roll

In honor of this event I decided to create a lobster roll recipe of my own, and if you know me you know I love Mexican food (I also used to wait tables at a Mexican restaurant) so I decided to incorporate some traditionally (at least American-mexican) Mexican flavors into this roll of mine.

Chicken Wings with Garlic and Parmesan

Chicken wings are just one of those things that I personally can’t get enough of. Pair them with a nice bold IPA and some crispy french fries and I can die happy. I decided to do a grilled version of Wingstop’s garlic parmesan wings because I love working on the grill and also because I don’t have a deep fryer and I hate frying in my tiny apartment.