Hoisin Garlic Skirt Steak Recipe

This hoisin garlic skirt steak recipe is grilled and smothered in sauce from Soy Vay. I received a sample thanks to a Klout perk, and decided to do a sweet and tangy asian styled skirt steak on the grill. Something quick to whip up with awesome flavor to pair with my cauliflower rice recipe.

Bruschetta Chicken Recipe

I love a bone-in chicken recipe. There’s something about the juiciness and flavor that totally overshadows the fact that I have to eat around a bone. One pot recipes with bone-in chicken thighs are especially awesome because the bone produces so much flavor and the dish always turns out great.

Chipotle Lobster Roll

In honor of this event I decided to create a lobster roll recipe of my own, and if you know me you know I love Mexican food (I also used to wait tables at a Mexican restaurant) so I decided to incorporate some traditionally (at least American-mexican) Mexican flavors into this roll of mine.

Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon is my favorite means of cooking this type of fish. The outside gets a little crisp while the inside is soft and moist. Salmon is such a flavorful fish already, all it needs is a little salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Grilled Steak

I love a nicely grilled steak. Who doesn’t? I’ve been trying to keep my red meat intake at a low level lately because I tend to feel full for a long period of time after eating it. Did you know that red meat is harder for humans to digest?

Salmon Recipe – Healthy and Simple

Simple Roasted Salmon This roasted salmon recipe is flavorful, colorful and healthy! I use some oils and vinegars from Alex Ferrari’s Gourmet Emporium called Olimila in Studio City! I started with these BEAUTIFUL ingredients; salmon, parsley, basil, shallots, mushrooms, a roma tomato, spinach and the fresh basil olive oil and guilty garlic balsamic vinegar. First […]

Grilled Shrimp Pasta

Grilled Shrimp Pasta The other day I was driving home from school, really hungry, wondering what I would eat. I contemplated stopping by Subway to pick up something quick, but decided I would cook instead. Halfway home I had an epiphany…grilled shrimp pasta with some of Gourmet Italian’sĀ amazing oil blends. I would grill the shrimp […]