MONQ Aromatherapy

MONQ – Give the Gift of Aromatherapy

Christmas is here!  Christmas is here! Chriiiiistmas is here! Give MONQ as a stocking stuffer this year. Although I’m not a huge fan of Christmas because it promotes consumerisn and I’m all about giving experiences rather than materialistic things – I do want to promote MONQ   because I honestly believe giving one of these as […]

Fourth Annual Hollywood Beer and Music Festival

Hollywood Beer and Music Festival in Review You all know I love beer. I also love to attend beer festivals. I’ve been to Surf’n’Suds Beer Festival in Ventura California, Brew at the Zoo at the Los Angeles Zoo, and I’ve also been to Burgers and Beer, Hops and Hope, and many, many others that I […]

Tasting Table’s Lobster Rumble LA 2015

Tasting Table is a website and newsletter for culinary enthusiasts. They’re all about food, and they want to bring the public the food they love, they travel for, and the food they cook. They’re connected to their communities and even go as far as throwing awesome events in cities across the U.S. to make it […]

Los Angeles Brew at the Zoo

The Los Angeles Brew at the Zoo is an event put on by the zoo itself, and is on it’s 5th year. If this line tells us anything, it’s that this event is sought out by beer lovers across Los Angeles, and that you should probably attend next year before the event gets overrun.

Surf ‘n’ Suds Beer Fest

The Surf ‘n’ Suds Beer Fest is a beer festival put on by Trek Bikes of Ventura is an even you don’t want to miss. Although you’ve already missed the one in Ventura, you have a chance to attend the event come August 15th, 2015 if you get your tickets now.

SkinnyMe Teatox

Thanks to SkinnyMe Tea and their generosity, I was able to do this awesome detox. This teatox is very similar to many that are out there, including the MateFit in that there’s a daily tea and then a detox tea that you take every other night.

Farmer’s Market: The Grove

One thing I’ve decided to start doing is exploring and documenting all of the Farmer’s Markets in the Los Angeles area and the San Fernando Valley. I love Farmer’s Markets because it gives the community a chance to engage with and support local Farmers and merchants.

Sneak Peak of My Novel: Alone Part 2

My name is Aubrey. I’m running around this story called life amidst a long painful existence of loneliness and neglect. Situations with men always seem to leave me flailing; I’ve never been able to settle down, it’s been years since I’ve found love, and even when I feel I might be falling… some whim of disappointment turns my outlook to the ground.