Sneak Peak of My Novel: Alone

The pain in my chest was too much for me to bear, so I forced my drunken feet to stabilize, and stood a few seconds while my head stopped it’s spinning. I followed the shallow knocking on my front door, with a Miller Light clutched in my hand, and red, puffy eyes from hours of crying. I passed a mirror in the hallway, stepping back to tuck a lock of nappy hair behind my ear.

Jill Kirsh Color

When most people pick their best colors they do so based on their skin tone, their hair color, and their eye color. Jill goes strictly off of the color of your hair. Her idea is that whenever you put on an outfit or put on your makeup, everything should draw the eyes up, to your beautiful face. It’s not about “color” per se, but more so about hue.

Craftsy: DIY Magic is an amazing online platform that allows you to sign up for DIY classes and learn from the best in the comfort of your home. Unlike a cooking, sewing, quilting, or any other class…you can pause, rewind, mute, etc!

MateFit Tea Detox

MateFit tea has been around the inter web for awhile. I got really excited when they agreed to send me a sample, and I have enjoyed every bit of it! Many celebrities advocate MateFit and I can see why! From the cute colorful tumblers to the sweet taste of the daytime tea, it’s a pretty good choice.

SkinnyTeatox Detox Tea

So the Skinnyteatox took a little while to arrive, but since I was already in the midst of doing the Tinyteatox I didn’t mind. Emma, the girl who sent me the sample also let me know that sometimes the post office can take awhile to deliver since the packaging contains organic products. Different than the Tinyteatox it came in a box with everything inside.

Your Tea 14-Day Teatox

I discovered teatoxing through instagram, and immediately wanted to try it out. I found Your Tea through instagram friends, and began to research them. According to the YourTea website, their 14 Day Teatox, which is the one I tried, claims that the tea helps balance out the body, can clear skin, reduce bloat, reduction of body fat and the like. So here is how my 14 day teatox went…