Triple Threat Workout

TRIPLE THREAT WORKOUT CHECK OUT THE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE! I call this workout the triple threat. For one, it’s easy, for two, it’s quick, and for three…there are only three moves that you do continuously that’ll seriously shred your entire body and kick up your fitness habits. This is the workout […]

How Working Out Changed My Life

Click here for my favorite workout to start off with when I’ve been slacking in the gym. For me, working out has never solely been about my appearance. Although that is a big part of it for me – I love looking strong and toned – I mainly work out for the mental strength, and […]

My Guide to Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping seems to be a pretty strenuous activity for most. You forget your shopping list at home, you end up running back and forth from one aisle to the next, and then you get home and realize you forgot the ingredients for dinner and got a whole bunch of junk you didn’t actually need. […]

Meal Prep

How I Make Meal Prep Easier

MEAL PREP 101 I love meal prep. I don’t always do it for myself, but for my clients over at Your In-Home Chef. Right now, I’m a one woman team. As you can imagine, making 65 meals in one day can be absolute insanity. But if I’m capable of doing all of that on my own – […]

The Holidays and Staying Sane

5 Tips for Staying Sane During the Holidays

5 Tips for Staying Sane During the Holidays The holidays are approaching fast, and staying sane is hard in and of itself. Life presents a ton of obstacles – from financial stress, to relationship problems, to mental health issues and more. We’re busy people, and when the holidays come around (and they always seem to […]

Staying Active with Naked Cold Pressed Juices

Naked Cold Pressed Juices I’m quite the active girl and I’m all about staying active. Obviously all of you out there know that, since I am a fitness/food blogger. I’m also super busy with the hundreds of other things I’m doing in life and sometimes I don’t get a chance to cook a healthy breakfast […]

Me enjoying a delicious Naked Pressed Juice. This is the best flavor!

My Hiking Adventure with Naked Pressed Juice

NAKED PRESSED JUICE I’m an adventurer. Going out in nature is one of my favorite parts of my healthy and active lifestyle. I’ve talked about how Naked Juice fits into my Morning Routine, but with the new Naked Pressed Juice, I can take these tasty little bottles with me everywhere I go! My sister and […]

Top Foods for your skin

Top 5 Foods for Your Skin!

Top 5 Foods For Your Skin We’re all looking for magical ways to make our skin brighter, healthier, and more beautiful. There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on some special serum or moisturizer when nature has it’s miracles! These are the Top 5 Foods for your skin that you can eat any time, […]

Organic Blueberries

Organic vs. Non Organic

We all like the idea of organic produce and meat. But do we really know what it’s all about? I started realizing that I didn’t really know the difference whether in nutrition, or in appearance. So what are the differences between organic and non organic? I have highlighted them below.

SUPERFOODS for Mental Health!

Superfoods As you all know, I am an advocate for mental health. I am an advocate because for one I’ve struggled with symptoms and am on the journey of healing and recovery, two, mental health is so stigmatized and I’d like to contribute to lessening that negative impact, and three – I have found some […]