How Working Out Changed My Life

Click here for my favorite workout to start off with when I’ve been slacking in the gym. For me, working out has never solely been about my appearance. Although that is a big part of it for me – I love looking strong and toned – I mainly work out for the mental strength, and […]

My Guide to Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping seems to be a pretty strenuous activity for most. You forget your shopping list at home, you end up running back and forth from one aisle to the next, and then you get home and realize you forgot the ingredients for dinner and got a whole bunch of junk you didn’t actually need. […]

I’m Insecure, Too

I’m an extremely insecure, extremely flawed individual. Being insecure is one of those things we think only happens to us and never to anyone else. We don’t think the pretty girl on the front of Vogue magazine gets insecure because why would she?

Cycle with the seasons

Cycling with the Seasons | VIDEO

I’m from Los Angeles California. And now I live in New England. Yes, the change has been tough. Living in LA, for the most part, means the same weather, the same sunshine, and not really knowing whether it’s October or March – at least in terms of the weather. Living in New England is a […]

My Self-Care and Self-Love Practices

Self-love and self-care is a big part of Feminine February for me and a big part of my daily routine in general. Since struggling with my mental health issues for quite some time, I have realized through the years that there are simply ways to make myself feel better, and I imagine they will help […]

EMPOWERING Ourselves Through Unconditional Love

I am all into empowering my feminine prowess. I have recently become interested in getting back in touch with my feminine essence, as I feel many times in my life I emit a very masculine energy; not in the way I dress, but in the way I behave, in the way I approach men, and […]

Feminine February

Hello there! I decided February is going to be Feminine February, and I’m going to learn how to connect with my feminine energy in a strong, empowered way. I’ve gotten mixed up over the years about how to be Feminine while still being strong; straddling that line between submissive and nurturing. I’m going to focus […]

The Holidays and Staying Sane

5 Tips for Staying Sane During the Holidays

5 Tips for Staying Sane During the Holidays The holidays are approaching fast, and staying sane is hard in and of itself. Life presents a ton of obstacles – from financial stress, to relationship problems, to mental health issues and more. We’re busy people, and when the holidays come around (and they always seem to […]

Poem: My Souls Writers Block

Here’s another poem I wrote about my current writers block (as far as my novel goes) during this period of rapid growth in my life. I suddenly feel incapable of expressing my experience In words. There is no flow From mind To hand To pen To ink To paper; Perhaps that’s because this is a […]