Fear Defeats Success

Fear is the greatest defeater of success. All of those motivational speakers and self-help books tell you that. But you won’t really believe it unless you experience it for yourself, and chances are you already have many, many times over. Probably without even realizing it.

But First, Coffee Shops in LA

Los Angeles is a city that’s always hustling and bustling. With so many people on the go all of the time, it creates a need for something to help us get through the day. And we all know what that is. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.

Dealing with Rejection

I know I’ve been focusing a lot on food, but I wanted to take a moment to share a little bit of knowledge I’ve gained from living a life of rejection. I’ve been an actress since I was a little girl, and as an actor you get rejected a lot.

Don’t Identify Women in Pieces

I am not a nice ass, or a pair of perky tits. I am not going to be identified and respected in pieces. As women, we struggle with gaining respect for who we are as whole people. Guys constantly ask each other whether they’re a boob or an ass guy which begs the question… Is that all men think we’re good for?

The Countercultural Idea in Modern Times

When I think about the counterculture idea I think about the 1960’s movement that rejected the stiff, suburban uptightness of the 1950’s culture. Although I applaud the youth for attempting to break free from the constrains of a rigid and conventional society, nowadays the term seems to conform where it attempts to liberate.

That Wasn’t Funny, But I’m Laughing Anyway

Have you ever laughed about something that you didn’t even think was funny? Do you ever wonder why you do it? I’m one of those people that starts laughing when someone says anything really, almost out of respect for the person who spoke. If someone tells a joke that I don’t think is funny, I […]

Define Your Own Success

I’ve been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen nightmares, and other shows where he screams at people because they keep f*king up their restaurants and subsequently their lives. Although he is a very harsh guy, he does have a point. If you’re gonna open a restaurant, you need to try! You need to put in effort every single day if you want to get to where he is, or anywhere near there.

Being “Young” and “Old” All at Once

One thing I’ve realized even since I was a kid is that I don’t really like the same things as people my age. I grew up a little quicker than everyone else because of the fact that I’ve been working since I was in diapers. When other teenagers were making up dance routines with their friends, I was off buying cigarettes. I was a bit of a rebel.

Dogs Are Kind of Like Children, But Not

I’ve always been one of those women that referred to her dogs as children. They miss me when I’m gone, I make sure they’re fed and have water, and I carry about their happiness and wellbeing. Dogs have some similarities with children when it comes to things like I mentioned above, but there are definitely some things we do to or with our dogs that we would never do with or to, a child.