Vanity Does Not Equal Beauty

Being vain is an issue we have been plagued with in this modern world since us “millenial’s” conception. We came out of the womb with our parents judging our looks and hoping we would be beautiful. (Ok, maybe not, but I’m trying to make a point here).

Is Cultural Relativism Possible in America?

Is it possible in western society to believe that no one culture is superior to another? Is it even a logical approach to dealing and interacting with other cultures? Anthropologically, cultural relativism seems like a great idea, but it’s a hard standard to uphold. It’s one thing being culturally…

Success – Tips to a Successful Life

In my trek to becoming a successful human being, I have learned these skills to get to where I need to go, despite the my insecurities, despite the doubts of people around me, and despite the want for money and success. Success doesn’t have to involve merely money, it involves self actualization and self love.

Kids and What They Can Teach Us About Life

Growing up, I was that kid with mud on her face, bruises on her knees, and boy’s shoes on her feet that were 2 sizes too big. I never cared what people thought about my nappy ponytail or dirty boy clothes, I just wanted to play; and be happy and carefree while doing so.

Dogs are Awesome

Dogs are Awesome – Here are 15 Reasons Why

Owning a dog isn’t really “owning” at all. It’s more like you’re adopting a child. A small(or large) furry child whose love for you is endless. There are some things that non – dog owners don’t really understand. Things that you may giggle about to yourself after a long hike with your pooch

Higher Education – College Degree – Happiness?

In this life, it is hard to impress. To impress yourself, your parents, family and friends… Especially those in our lives that have that “American Dream” mentality who believe the only way to have a fulfilled, successful life is to go to college, get a good job, have a family and make a decent income.

Racism in America?! You’re Kidding…

Racism in America? You’re kidding!! I just wanted to share with you all, that I am so sick of the people that correlate everything with race. Yes, I am a mixed chick; African American and Caucasian to be exact, and yes I am engaged to a Caucasian man…. SO what? There are so many irritating things that people do and/or say that honestly make NO SENSE and have no relation to my race or anyone else’s.

Waiting Tables in Los Angeles – And Why it Sucks

Being a server and waiting tables is a tough job. Period. Yes we tend to have a good time on the job, are sometimes allowed to drink on the job, and occasionally make more money per shift than a person with a “normal” 9-5; but we also deal with the most self absorbed, rude, inconsiderate (and stupid) people on the planet.