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Why My Father is the Best

Father’s day is here, and after spending a nice early morning breakfast with my dad, my husband, my beautiful step-mom, and my siblings…I have to say my dad is one of the best guys around. Just like my Mom is one of My Best Friends, my Father is unlike most for more reasons than one, and I’m going to share them with you.

1. He’s Easy to Talk To

Many father’s are uncomfortable when it comes to talking about boys, sex, and menstruation, but I don’t have that problem with my dad. We talk about his sex life, my sex life… and it’s not the least bit uncomfortable. We’re both adults and we both enjoy good conversation.

2. He’s a Hobby Junkie

One thing I always appreciated about my dad is the fact that he always has a hobby, no matter how old he gets. He always advocated playing a sport and I am pretty damn athletic thanks to him. Even in his 50+ years of age he still plays in an adult baseball league and I think that makes a healthy, well-rounded life when  you don’t give up the things you love.

3. He Loves his Kids and He Just Can’t Hide It

My Father is constantly proud of all 4 of his kids and he’s constantly sharing it with the world. He takes turns putting us up as his profile picture, tells all of his friends about us, and sometimes when we go get coffee he tells complete strangers “This is my beautiful daughter Brooke.” The stranger just nods and goes, “Oh how nice.” But he can’t hide how proud he is of all us and it’s a beautiful thing.

4. He’s Always There For Me

No matter the time of day, if one of his kids calls him he picks up and hopes we’re gonna ask him to have coffee with us. He would kill a man for me if I asked him to, and if I were in trouble he would do everything he could to make sure I was safe.  He is a loyal father that has been there from day one, doing my sister and I’s hair when we had to get ready for elementary school while my mom was in school and working. (And he was pretty good at it too.)

5. He Taught Me How to Stand Up For Myself

My dad taught me to never let people push me around and to always stand up for myself. He even taught me stand up to authority and only played into that “respect your elders” thing to a certain extent. He taught me to realize when I was being treated unfairly, but if it wasn’t necessary to say something back, or if I wasn’t being harassed, to pick my battles wisely and keep it to myself. But, if someone was being rude to the point of harassment, whether they be a child or an adult, he told me to always make it known that I wasn’t going to accept that kind of treatment. That’s a good lesson to learn.

6. He Taught me To Never Give Up

My dad was one of those parents on the sidelines at my basketball games and track meets screaming “Come on Brooke! Get in there! Hustle girl, hustle!” Sometimes I yelled, “Shut Up! I’m tired!” Back into the stands, but usually I’d catch a glimpse of that girl on my heels and pick up the pace.  He taught me to never accept second best when I can have it all, but to use any failures as fuel and do better next time.

7. He Showed Me the Value of Family

My dad’s side of the family values the closeness of family over all else. I cherished our “Family Nights” Where we’d watch movies, eat fried chicken and cookies and ice cream…and the Saturday’s where my whole family; mom, dad, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandma would all come together, go eat at Claim Jumper and watch a good movie together. They instilled the love and reliability of family, and how even though we may move apart when we get older, we will always have that bond with those that share our blood.

8. He Taught Me How to Be Myself

One thing I could always count on is my dad embarrassing me everywhere we went. Whether it be dancing in the supermarket, or farting so loud it felt like an earthquake was coming, he never let societal standards get in the way of him being himself. I’ve come to love this about him and now that I’m older it doesn’t embarrass me, it shows me that I don’t need to be bothered by what random people think of me, all I need is to be true to myself and I’ll be happy. Nobody’s else’s opinions should trump my own.

9. He Supports All of My Endeavors

Whether I decide to move overseas and work on my fishing, work hard to become an actress, or go back to school – my dad supports my decisions. Sure, he has opinions on what he thinks I should be doing based on how talented he thinks I am, but he supports whatever I decide to do and knows I will be successful.

10. He Continues Growing

One thing my Father and Mother have in common is that they haven’t stayed stuck in a rut. They got divorced, but all was not lost. They decided to learn from the experience and grow and evolve into better people. My dad had times where he was not happy. He would watch football games and I couldn’t get his attention if I blew up the house. But now, he’s available for me whenever I need him (within reason of course) and I really appreciate that about him. He truly is one of my best friends and one of the best people I’ll ever be blessed enough to meet.

Do your love your dad? Give him a shout out below. Happy Father’s Day daddy!

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