Who We Are

Building Bridges is a family-driven team of QTBIPOC (queer, trans, black, indigenous, people of color) folks striving to bring connection to ancestral traditions, our roots, and the culture that was taken away from us. As queer people of color, we know what it feels like to be disconnected from where you’re from. Due to slavery, colonization, and the systemic wheel of oppression and racism in our current society, we have been forced to deny and manipulated into forgetting our core values that were inherent in the lives of our ancestors.

Building Bridges is attempting to work as a bridge between worlds. A bridge between QTBIPOC folks and their ancestors, indigenous folks and their ancestral lands, white allies and our causes, and the stigma behind black people and rural living. We will bridge the gap from concentrating people in Urban environments toward more rural environments to stewarding and farming the land, and remind those who participate in our workshops that we have always had a powerful love affair with the land.

We will bridge people of color into the forests and help to eliminate generational trauma and colonizer-based narratives that have lead to us being afraid of the land we were once so connected to. We will help to heal those wounds both in ourselves, and in our participants and bring us together under the common goal of repairing the humanity that has been lost for so long.

This organization is forming our roots, forming our connection to nature and our community, and recreating our own relationships to the land, the food that comes from the land, and Mother Earth herself so that we may bring it authentically to our communities.

We are in need of donations, volunteers, and any support or help so that we can make this vision a reality.

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  1. I think you’re incredible. My husband and I are older and I’m very interested in the food that was mentioned in Berkshire Magazine. Sounds healtful, delicious and affordable. Susan

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