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From Chaos to Normalcy

I haven’t written a post in awhile about my recovery because well, I’m definitely on the smooth side of it. The chaotic feelings I was experiencing just two weeks ago have subsided for the most part, I’m getting back into the things I love, and I’m feeling almost bored at times because my life is […]

Summer Recipe Round Up 2018

Summer Recipe Round Up

One thing that truly makes me happy amidst my emotional growth is COOKING! Whether it be for myself, or for other people (I definitely love cooking for others more than myself), it is really something that gets me out of my head, working with my hands, and creating an edible work of art! One of my […]

My Misplaced Neediness

I am a notoriously needy person. Not all the time, though. Really, my neediness and clinginess is only apparent in my intimate relationships, and occasionally my friendships. One of the biggest symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder that I struggle with is an intense fear of abandonment – whether real or perceived. I fall into a […]

My Trouble with Alcohol

Alcohol and I have a strange relationship. It has evolved into something I never thought it would, and amidst the damage it has done I believe it’s something that also saved my life. When I was at my lowest points in my late teen years and early adulthood I leaned on it to get me […]

My Personal Journey Through Recovery

  Hi, My name is Brooke Marie Bridges and I’m struggling with Borderline Personality Disorder. First things first, DON’T look it up on the internet. You will certainly find hateful comments about how a “Borderline Ruined My Life” or how evil, manipulative and conniving those who struggle are. The illness I struggle with is so much […]

The Babbling Brooke’s Bagels

So here I am. Living in New England, working towards my dream of owning a small farm, and selling bagels. I never imagined I’d make bagels, let alone sell out on my first, and only (so far), Farmers Market. There are tons of reasons why this seems far off for me – for one, I’m […]

My First “Real” Winter

So…winter. Growing up in SoCal means I never experienced a winter. Not a single time in my life. Sure, it got kinda cold – but the lowest I remember it getting was 32. Sure, freezing. But it was at 3 AM. Here, on the other hand – the lowest it got was -11, -22 with […]

My Trip from LA to the Berkshires

I did it. I made the move. I hopped into my car with my two dogs and my cat – and my Mom and Brother in the car behind me and I did it. I took only what I could carry and I drove across the country. They say to let go of the things […]

Summer Recipe Round Up 2018

My Favorite Game Day Foods

Game Day Appetizers Now, although I am not a big fan of football, nor have I ever been on anyone’s “team” (except for the Raider’s when I was a kid because my dad loves them…please don’t judge me I know absolutely NOTHING about football) I do love the food that comes with Super Bowl parties! […]

Food Waste

Ways to Combat Food Waste

I hate wasting food. I hate it and I still do it. So, I decided to come up with a list of things we can all do to try and reduce our food waste! If you have leftover herbs that are on the verge of going bad, mince them up and freeze them with oil […]