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Sneak Peak of My Novel: Alone

I love to write, so I decided to write a novel. Here is a sneak peak of my novel entitled: Alone 

The pain in my chest was too much for me to bear, so I forced my drunken feet to stabilize, and stood a few seconds while my head stopped it’s spinning. I was always alone, but this time it felt worse…more hollow…lonelier. I followed the shallow knocking on my front door, with a Miller Light clutched in my hand, and red, puffy eyes from hours of crying.

I passed a mirror in the hallway, stepping back to tuck a lock of nappy hair behind my ear. The knocking persisted, and eventually I reached the front door. I grasped the cool golden handle with my free hand, turning the knob and opening the door to a tall dark haired man, with a look of guilt strewn across his handsome face.

My first instinct was to pour my deliciously chilled alcoholic beverage over his enormous head, but instead I attempted to slam the door in his face. Not before rolling my eyes and giving him a stern, spiteful, “Fuck you, Brent.”

His foot halted the door from closing and I knew I wasn’t going to escape this conversation, so I rolled my eyes, turned around, and headed into my living room, planting myself on the couch. He opened the door, closing it lightly behind him and following me into the den.

I curled up my feet, sipping on my drink, feeling the pain in my chest drifting away the quicker I sipped. I finished it quickly, standing to grab another from the fridge in the kitchen.

“What do you want, Brent?” I questioned nastily. He closed his eyes, hanging his head in his strong hands, plotting out the words in his head, trying to figure out a way to spare my feelings. But unbeknownst to him, I already knew what he was going to say.

He continued to stumble, stuttering over his words; so I disregarded his muttering, letting the run – around words fade away until I heard exactly what I was expecting.

“I’m sorry Aubrey… it’s over.”

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