Summer Recipe Round Up 2018

Summer Recipe Round Up

One thing that truly makes me happy amidst my emotional growth is COOKING! Whether it be for myself, or for other people (I definitely love cooking for others more than myself), it is really something that gets me out of my head, working with my hands, and creating an edible¬†work of art! One of my […]

Hoisin Garlic Skirt Steak Recipe

This hoisin garlic skirt steak recipe is grilled and smothered in sauce from Soy Vay. I received a sample thanks to a Klout perk, and decided to do a sweet and tangy asian styled skirt steak on the grill. Something quick to whip up with awesome flavor to pair with my cauliflower rice recipe.

Grilled Salmon

Grilled salmon is my favorite means of cooking this type of fish. The outside gets a little crisp while the inside is soft and moist. Salmon is such a flavorful fish already, all it needs is a little salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Grilled Steak

I love a nicely grilled steak. Who doesn’t? I’ve been trying to keep my red meat intake at a low level lately because I tend to feel full for a long period of time after eating it. Did you know that red meat is harder for humans to digest?

Whiskey BBQ Sauce

I’ve always been proud of my BBQ Sauce recipe, but I wanted to incorporate this whiskey, so I decided to make a recipe that was less spicy, and more sweet for the task.