Feminine February

Hello there!

I decided February is going to be Feminine February, and I’m going to learn how to connect with my feminine energy in a strong, empowered way. I’ve gotten mixed up over the years about how to be Feminine while still being strong; straddling that line between submissive and nurturing. I’m going to focus on my feminine energy – for one, I’m going to embrace wearing skirts and dresses every day. Yes – it is 4 degrees here in the Berkshires, but I never said I couldn’t wear thick leggings underneath! Check out my video below for a little more info on what I’ve got goin on!

The reason I’m not using the term FEMINIST, is because I find that word, in modern society, to be quite limiting. I’m not a radical feminist, and I’m more into embracing the essence of feminism rather than the construct of what it means to be a “woman.” Women are powerful – we give birth. We nurture a child in our womb for 9 months, and then we use all of our energy to bring that little one into the world. That’s some power right there!