Me picking up farm fresh produce for my vegan crockpot chili!

Who I Am

Pick Your Own Produce

So I decided to take a moment to introduce myself, and let everyone out there know who I am. My name is Brooke Marie Bridges. I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and I recently relocated to the East Coast. I moved because it was time to let go of what no longer served me in my life and that which no longer supported what I envision as my ideal future.

They do say to let go of the things that no longer serve you and for me that was very clearly the location in which I lived. Los Angeles has it’s strengths and it fed a lot of mine in the past. Specifically in entertainment. It fed a lot of what I was looking for when I was engrossed in the entertainment industry culture, it offered a lot to my entrepreneurial desires and fostered my drive and ambition; my passion and my ability to take in the chaos and push through it anyway. It also gave me the ability to take any dream or desire and make that a swift reality.

My focuses now delve far deeper into what makes us all human, how I can connect that to the businesses I’m involved in, and how I can foster a tight knit, ever evolving community of like-minded people who are adamant about exploring the human condition.

I focus on food because food is my passion. I also realized during a brief stay with Heartwood Institute in Northern California that my passion is also in growing food. My relocation has a lot to do with the desire to grow fresh food and utilize it in my kitchen. Whether that kitchen be at a clients home, during a cooking class, or in my own little cafe/restaurant. I know that if I follow my true passions – a connection to nature, to the Earth, to the healing of mental blocks, to the food that I grow and consume…everything will reveal itself and the doors will open up for me.

My goals are vast, varied, and touch down to my core. Although I may open food related businesses that seem to have no depth farther than a good batch of bagels – my focus on mental health advocacy will prove to be beneficial not only to the health of my community, but to myself as well.

I dig deeper because that is what’s required of us in today’s ever-changing economical and marketing landscape and the only way to find my potential tribe is to KNOW them, truly deep down to their biggest fears, to share my own,  and to not take that kind of connection for granted.

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